Introducing Our 3-Year Strategic Plan

PorchLight’s three-year Strategic Plan is the culmination of collaborative efforts between our board members, executive director, and senior leadership team. As a beacon of hope and support within our community, PorchLight’s commitment to fostering positive change and enhancing the lives of those we serve resonates in the vision for this comprehensive roadmap. This mission-aligned plan was developed after evaluating resources, identifying key priorities, and analyzing the evolving landscape of homelessness in East King County. It will be used to guide our efforts to meet growing needs, secure a solid foundation, and support positive change.

We have established four strategic objectives with specific goals to meet each one.

Download / Print PDF: PorchLight Strategic Plan

Strategic Objective #1

Advance DEI Initiatives

  • Embed a DEI lens in our strategic planning and execution.


  • Increase DEI topic awareness for all PorchLight stakeholders.


  • Increase diversity in staff hiring and board member recruitment.


  • Welcome and encourage a client voice in our work.

Strategic Objective #2

Growth in Financial Stability

  • Create a sustainable plan for year-over-year financial stability.


  • Cultivate deeper foundation grant relationships.


  • Broaden corporate reach for matching donations.


  • Increase Board Member involvement in fundraising.

Strategic Objective #3

Organizational Improvements

  • Conduct gap analysis of services to create the greatest success in client outcomes.


  • Advance IT infrastructure to meet growing demands.


  • Identify needs and implement advanced processes.

Strategic Objective #4

Community Engagement Expansion

  • Develop purposeful and mission-aligned partnerships to drive social transformation.


  • Expand engagement with younger demographic for supporter growth.


  • Actively and vocally advocate for Permanent Supportive Housing.