2024 Legislative Agenda

At PorchLight, we fight to end the homelessness of every individual who walks through our doors.  That work is dependent on housing availability on the Eastside of King County, a place that is becoming less affordable each day.  And so, for the first time in our history, PorchLight is publishing a Legislative Agenda for the 2024 short session.

Our focus is almost entirely on housing. Every housing unit is a victory for the person who may find their home there and for our case managers who are trying to help them through the process.  PorchLight has aligned its priorities with the Washington Low-Income Housing Alliance and the King County Coalition on Homelessness, both organizations with long histories of legislative advocacy.

Please join us in supporting new housing development on the Eastside!

Primary Items

  1. Permanent Supportive Housing
  2. Public Health Clinics on the East King County
  3. Affordable Housing

Washington Low Income Housing Alliance Priorities

  1. Prevent excessive rent increase with reasonable, statewide rent stabilization
  2. Create a permanent fund source for the Housing Trust Fund, and housing for people with disabilities
  3. Backfill a gap in funding for homeless services to prevent cuts to shelter, rental assistance, and more
  4. Invest in the front-line workers and nonprofits that make ending homelessness possible


Affordable Homes Act (HB 2276 & SB 6191) is our best opportunity for scaling up investment in affordable housing in the 2024 State Legislative session. Taxes will come via home sales- especially those over $3M. Those selling homes under $3M will see a decrease in their tax.

Statewide Rent Stabilization (HB 2114 & SB 5961) would limit the annual increase for continuing renters to no more than 5%/year, as well as other important protections for tenants.

Local Funding for Health & Human Services (SB 5770 & two bills in the House – HB 2044 and HB1670) supports the increase in property taxes (3%) to fund the public health clinics, including the one in Eastgate.

HB 2474 addresses the barriers to building new housing and shelters necessary to meet the needs of people in our community.

Legislative Districts served by PorchLight

41st Legislative District
  • Senator Lisa Wellmann (D)
  • Representative My-Linh Thai (D)
  • Representative Tana Senn (D)
45th Legislative District
  • Senator Manka Dhingra (D)
  • Representative Roger Goodman (D)
  • Representative Larry Springer (D)
48th Legislative District
  • Senator Patty Kuderer (D)
  • Representative Vandana Slatter (D)
  • Representative Amy Walen (D)


Download 2024 Legislative Agenda