Hiring A Substance Use Disorder Professional Strengthens CFH Continuum of Care

The goal at Congregations for the Homeless (CFH) is to provide a space for men to find their way out of homelessness. For some people, that includes addressing the unique barriers they may face with substance use disorders.

According to research, 38 percent of people experiencing homelessness are addicted to alcohol, and 26 percent depend on drugs. Bill is CFH’s Behavioral Health Senior Manager. He has seen first-hand the “high coincidence of having mental health issues and substance use, which are related to going through homelessness.”

To expand our continuum of care to meet those needs, CFH is actively recruiting a Substance Use Disorder Professional (SUDP) to join our team. We are anxious to engage a committed SUDP professional who will provide knowledge, compassion, and a comprehensive approach to the shelter’s services, helping the clients overcome substance use and rebuild their lives.

The SUPD will work closely with CFH clients – providing support, preparing client needs assessments, and developing care plans. The professional will also work collaboratively with the case managers, shelter staff, and other clinicians to facilitate appropriate counseling and recommendations for further care.

“One of the things clients go through a lot is issues with treatment compliance and relapsing. The SUDP will provide on-site treatment and refer clients to other agencies for detox or inpatient care if needed,” Bill explains. “It is important that we attack the homelessness problem, getting stable housing, along with mental health and substance use treatment all at the same time because that is the most effective way to do it.”

Bill joined CFH in June and is excited about expanding the behavioral team here. As CFH Senior Manager of Behavioral Health, Bill provides guidance and oversees the behavioral health service for our clients.

“I am very happy to be here. I truly am. I look forward to in here every day and getting to learn more about how to help the clients. I would love to see the behavioral health team expand to provide a nurse and SUDP and become a model for care at other agencies.”

Bill and CFH Social Worker Eric Thompson, MSW, MHP, are working on a support group curriculum for trauma and recovery and co-occurring disorders that outlines treatment plans for clients, among other things that will impact the clients’ lives. One of the behavioral team’s immediate goals is to use their expertise and experiences to develop a strategic plan to address substance abuse within the homeless community.

Adding a SUDP to the CFH staff is an integral piece to building a solid foundation to address the complex challenges facing our clients.

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